Finely detailed Modern Transport vehicles
Issued in 2007 - 2008
1/76 Scale models
"OO" - 1/76
 CC18001 VOLVO FH Curtainside  POLLACK SCOTSTRAN LTD          2007  $39.95                                
CC18002 VOLVO FH  Fridge       WHITELINK SEAFOOD LTD.              2007  $39.95                                
CC18004 VOLVO FH  Fridge Trailer             EDDIE STOBART LTD.     2007  $39.95                                
CC18102 SCANIA 'R' Series Topline Fridge  SCOTT TRAWLERS         2007  $39.95                                
CC18103 SCANIA 'R' Series Topline Fridge       JBT  Aberdeen             2007  $39.95                                
CC18105 SCANIA 'R' Series Topline Fridge      A KERR COMPANY       2008  $39.95                                
CC18203 MERCEDES BENZ ACTROS Curtainside JOHN MITCHELL     2007  $39.95                                
CC18301 RENAULT MAGNUM Curtainside POLLACK SCOTSTRAN      2008  $39.95                                
Due to age of some items, packaging and/or outer casing
may show signs of shelf wear.
Models are Mint or Near Mint unless described otherwise.
CC18201 MERCEDES BENZ ACTROS Curtainside CHARLES GEE Co. 2007  $39.95